Communist fronts in America and how they work

A communist front is a political organization identified as a front organization under the effective control of a communist party, the Communist International or other communist organizations. They attracted politicized individuals who were not party members but who often followed the party line and were called fellow travellers.

Vladimir Lenin originated the idea in his manifesto of 1902, What Is to Be Done? Since the party was illegal in Russia, he proposed to reach the masses through “a large number of other organizations intended for wide membership and, which, therefore, can be as loose and as public as possible”

Under the leadership of  Jewish communist  Grigory Zinoviev in the Kremlin, established fronts in many countries in the 1920s and after. To coordinate their activities the Communist International (Comintern) set up various international umbrella organizations.In 1937, the Yiddish Cultural Alliance, a Communist-front group established in New York, began issuing a monthly literary journal, Yidishe Kultur, that dutifully parroted Communist appeals for unity against anti-Semitism and “world reaction.”

“So it was, during these years of communism’s resurgence, that the Jewish component surfaced even more vividly than it had a decade earlier, in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution. By now, New York accounted for about one-fifth of the party’s national membership, and that one-fifth was predominantly Jewish. All the senior editors of the Daily Worker were Jews.If the party failed to make headway in the ILGWU or the Amalgamated (well immunized by the events of the 1920s), it successfully infiltrated white-collar unions, with their extensive Jewish membership of teachers, social workers, office workers, government employees, and retail clerks. It organized a special section to penetrate Jewish community centers, Jewish federations, national Jewish organizations.” Direct quote from “”

“As well as Hollywood. Few Jews joined the Communist party outright but large numbers were drawn to front organizations, oblivious to the hard-edged Stalinism that lurked behind the façade. There was nothing cynical about their commitments. When civil war broke out in Spain, possibly 1,000 of the 3,000 volunteers in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who departed to fight for the Loyalist cause were Jews.The West Coast office of the American Jewish Congress was almost entirely compromised by fellow travelers. Altogether, tens of thousands of Jews throughout the country were drawn to Communist-front organizations, particularly to the various “anti-Fascist” groups. One of the most popular of these, founded in 1937, was the American League against War and Fascism, later to be renamed the American League for Peace and Democracy. The Jewish People’s Committee against Fascism and Anti-Semitism was formed in 1939.” Still quoting myjewishlearning

Today communist fronts still exist, such as the ADL, SPLC , BLM and antifa.

Sources: 1.Jewish encyclopedia

3.American Communism and Soviet Russia (2003)

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