Jakob Rosenfield

Jakob Rosenfeld, more commonly known as General Luo, served as the Minister of Health in the 1947 Provisional Communist Military Government of China under Mao Zedong.Rosenfeld, a Jew born in Lemberg, the Austro-Hungarian Empire (today Lviv, Ukraine), was raised in Wöllersdorf near Wiener Neustadt.He worked as a urologist with his own private clinic in Vienna and was a member of Social Democratic Party of Austria(marxist-party) . The party was banned in the coup of 1933.
After the the annexation of Austria by Germany , Rosenfeld was deported to Dachau concentration camp and was there for a year. and later to Buchenwald.In 1939, he was released and returned to Vienna. 

From 1941 he served the Chinese Communist force as a field doctor for the New Fourth Army, the Eighth Route Army and the Northeast People’s Liberation Army during the outbreak of Second Sino-Japanese war and Chinese civil war.He chose to remain in China after the fall of the Nazi regime and participated in the People’s Liberation Army’s march on Beijing before returning in November 1949 to Europe to search for relatives, most who had died in the war allegedly.

He reunited with his sister in Austria in 1949. In 1950, after unsuccessfully attempting to return to China, he emigrated to Israel and was reunited with his younger brother Joseph. He died two years later after suffering heart failure.

He was so influential  that China has erected a statue in his honour, a hospital called Rosenfield Hospital in Junan County , Shandong was named after him. Shandong is the area he worked as a field doctor. In Junan County there is also an exhibition hall called the Deeds of International Fighter Rosenfeld.

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