How Marxists intentionally destroy the family unit

The early Soviet state sought to deconstruct the family, believing that although the economic emancipation of workers would deprive families of their economic function. The Bolsheviks replaced religious marriage with civil marriage, divorce became easy to obtain. Women gained sexual “equality” under matrimonial law, inheritance of property was abolished, and abortion was legalized. All of this was quickly taken advantage of by men and woman alike, once these laws were implemented the divorce rate in the Soviet system skyrocketed.

An epidemic of marriages and divorces broke out in the country districts. Peasants with a respectable married life of forty years and more behind them suddenly decided to leave their wives and remarry. Peasant boys looked upon marriage as an exciting game and changed wives with the change of seasons. It was not an unusual occurrence for a boy of twenty to have had three or four wives, or for a girl of the same age to have had three or four abortions.

Other peasants took advantage of the loose divorce regulations to acquire ‘summer brides.’ As the hiring of labor in Russia is hedged about with difficulties and restrictions for the private employer, the richer peasants in some districts took to the practice of marrying a strong girl for the harvest season and divorcing her as soon as the work in the fields was over.

All of this sounds quite familiar, because it’s been slowly happening in the United States for the past 60 or 70 years. This isn’t an accident, communists destroy the family unit intentionally to help degrade the culture. Without culture or religion, overthrowing a country becomes much easier. Communists destroy everything intentionally so they can rebuild it  in their image.

Whenever they destroy a countries culture, family unit and religion, it’s always in the name of equality.

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