Poale Zion, the Marxist-Zionist group that worked with the Bolsheviks

Israel was founded on Zionist-Marxist values .

Poale Zion was a movement of Marxist–Zionist Jewish workers founded in various cities of Poland, Europe and the Russian Empire.Poale Zion parties and organisations were started across the Jewish diaspora in the early 20th century. A branch of Poale Zion came into existence in New York City in 1903.By 1907, the party had 25,000 members in Russia.it quickly turned into a global Jewish movement soon after, with groups all over Europe.

In 1907 the  World Union of Poale Zion was formed. The first World Congress took place in August 1907 in The Hague(where the UN headquarters resides). Its second congress in 1909 in Kraków emphasised practical socialist projects in Palestine, further congresses followed in Vienna (1911 and 1920) and Stockholm (1919).

David Ben-Gurion the primary founder of the state of israel, was the  head of the Poale Zion party in Palestine starting in 1906.( As well as a terroist who approved the king david hotel terror attack on the British and random civilians.)

In Russia, the Poale Zion  participated in the Bolshevik Revolution and organized a brigade of Poale Zion activists that fought in the Red army. Most other Zionist organizations had been closed down in 1919, but Poale Zion remained untouched because it was recognized as a Communist party. 

After World War I, David Ben-Gurion integrated most of Poale Zion in Palestine into his Ahdut HaAvoda party, which later became the far left israeli labor party.

Today the Poale Zion party still exists and is represented within the World Zionist Organization by the World Labour Zionist Movement.

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