Sabbataism and its link to revolution

The Dönmeh were a group of crypto-Jews in the Ottoman Empire who converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs. The movement was historically centred in Salonica.The group originated during and soon after the era of Sabbatai Zevi who some say had 1 million Jews following him, mostly ashkenazi. He was a 17th-century Jewish kabbalist who claimed to be the Messiah and eventually converted to Islam in order to escape punishment by the Sultan Mehmed IV. After Zevi’s conversion, a number of Jews followed him into Islam and became the Dönmeh. He believed god would only come back if either everyone was good, or if everyone was bad. He sought redemption through sin due to the impossibility of everyone being a saint.

Several leading members of the Young Turk movement, a group of modernist revolutionaries who brought down the Ottoman Empire, and planned the mass murder of many armenians and greeks were  sabbataen dönmeh.After the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1922–1923, the Dönmeh strongly supported the Republican, pro-Western reforms of Atatürk that tried to restrict the power of the religious establishment.

Jakob Frank was believed himself to be the reincarnation of Zevi, he had his own group of followers called the Frankists who converted to Christianity, although like the donmeh most believe it was a false conversion. Many Frankists were active during the French Revolution, such as Moses Dobruška, a son of Frank’s Sabbatian cousin in Offenbach Shendl Dobruska. Many of the Frankists saw Napoleon Bonaparte as a potential Messiah. The Frankists scattered in Poland and Bohemia eventually intermarried into the gentry and middle class. Maria Szymanowska, a piano virtuoso, came from a Frankist family.

Both played key roles in some of histories largest revolutions.

Following the death of Shabbati Zevi, one of his disciples, Jacob Frank (1726-91), perpetuated the Sabbatean movement which continued to sponsor large numbers of Jewish “converts” to Roman Catholicism as well as Islam, thereby establishing an extensive network of crypto jews.
Jewish infiltrators of Roman Catholicism and Islam outwardly feigned reverence for the forms and doctrine of their adopted religions, which they had every intention of undermining from within the camp. According to Ben Zion Wacholder, Ph.D. author of “Jacob Frank and the Frankist Hebrew Zoharic Letters,” Frank was a “radical antinomian Kabbalist” who had led a sect known as the Zoharites.
Jacob Frank’s letters to his disciples were instructions for destroying Christianity:
    “Frank foresaw the doom of Europe’s Jewry unless the Jews adopted the ‘holy faith of Edom’, i.e. Christianity. The conversion to Christianity, however, was to serve as an instrument leading to Christianity’s ultimate defeat. The patriarch Jacob, reincarnated as Frank, was destined to rise as Israel’s leader in its war against Edom…
    “Frank says that anyone who is truly a descendant of the patriarchs must undergo baptism in order to merit the consolations announced by the prophets of old. But for the discerning, he announces Jacob’s ultimate victory over Esau on the way to Zion. This appears to be the meaning of the statement that ‘anyone who accepts the faith of Rome…will merit the consolations promised by Isaiah and all the prophets.’ Conversion to Christianity was a necessary, if evil, prerequisite for Israel’s redemption.” (Donmeh-West)

By way of Rabbi Antelman, Chamish also divulged the Frankists’ modus operandi, namely, through false conversions and phony renunciations of Judaism, gaining the trust of the ecclesiastical powers which obtained for them the protection of the State to carry out their seditious plans:
“pp 123 – Although Jacob Frank (1726-1791) was born fifty years after the death of Shabbatai Zvi, he deserves to be regarded as Shabbatai’s true successor.

“pp 125 – Frank’s followers requested ecclesiastic protection on the grounds that their own beliefs were not Jewish but rather, ‘anti-Talmudist.’..The bishop declared that the ‘anti-Talmudists’, Frank’s followers, were entitled to practise their religion, and ordered that all copies of the Talmud within his diocese be seized and burned. Now under the protection of the crown, adoring followers gave Frank huge donations to his movement.
“pp 127 -…Frank convinced his followers that the only way for their special form of Judaism to survive was for them to outwardly become Christians, just as the Donmeh had descended into the world of Islam…In February, 1759, the Frankists told the Church they were ready to be baptized…The Frankists promised to deliver 5000 new Christians from Poland, Moravia, Hungary and Turkey.”

It seems that Jacob Frank then began collaborating with Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit who is generally believed to have founded the Illuminati in 1776, although this is not quite the case.

In his book, To Eliminate the Opiate (Vol. 2), Rabbi Marvin S.
Antelman explains where Jacob Frank’s got his financing:”Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers’ financial empire.This is worth repeating: Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati
and the Rothschild empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money.”

In 1894 a well-known Jewish author, Bernard Lazar, wrote in his book “L’Anti-semitisme”, that Kabbalist Jews surrounded Weishaupt. Confiscated documents show that of 39 Illuminati holding lesser leading positions, 17 were Jews. The higher one looked into their ranks, the larger the percentage of Jews. There were four especially important Jews in the Illuminati leadership: Hartwig (Naphtali Herz) Wessely, Moses Mendelssohn, the banker Daniel von Itzig (1723-1799) and the businessman David Friedlander.The initiated all took a vow to eternal silence, undeviating loyalty and total submission to the Order. Each member had to promise: “I pledge to count what is best for the Order as my own best, I am ready to serve it with my personal fortune, my honour and my blood… the friends and enemies of the Order shall also become my friends and enemies.” Then, to ensure utmost secrecy, the group formally warned each new member:If you are a traitor and a perjurer, then know that the brothers shall take up arms against you. Do not hope to flee or to find a place to hide. Wherever you are, shame, contempt and the wrath of the brothers shall pursue and torment you to your innermost entrails.

The reader will notice that Weishaupt, a Jesuit, named his organization after the Illuminati order founded by the Alumbrado to which the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, belonged.

It is a common practice of conspiratorial organizations to slink underground when exposed or discredited, and create new fronts in order to diffuse public perception of the greater conspiracy which is still intact.
Rev. John Torell has explained the evolution of the Illuminati which created different fronts that were custom-designed for Marrano activity, having at first a Roman Catholic facade, and then a political front.

Overall Adam Weishaupts and the Frankist end goal was :

“Reduced to simple formula, the aims of the Illuminati may be summarized in the following six points:

1. Abolition of monarchy and all ordered government.

2. Abolition of private Property.

3. Abolition of inheritance.

4. Abolition of patriotism.

5. Abolition of the family (ie., marriage and all morality and the institution of the communal education of children).

6. Abolition of all religion.” 

Sound familiar? This was just the start of Marxist thinking

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