The father of Marxism related to powerful capitalist Nathan Rothschild

Levy Barent Cohen, the link between Karl Marx and Nathan Rothschild

Levy Barent Cohen was born in Amsterdam in 1747 to a Jewish family. He was the son of Barent Cohen, a wealthy merchant.Cohen was naturalized as a British subject in 1798. He was closely involved in a number of Jewish charities and filled successively all the offices of the Duke’s Place Synagogue, the principal Ashkenazi synagogue in London.Through the marriages which his children contracted, including with Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Sir Moses Montefiore, nearly all the leading Jewish families in England were connected with him.[1] In addition, his brother’s daughter was Nanette Salomons Cohen, the maternal grandmother of  Karl Marx[2].

Karl marx was born in Trier, Kingdom of Prussia on 5 May 1818, an Ashkenazi, to Hirschel Mordechai and Henriette Pressburg. Marx’s birth name name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. Marx descended from Talmudic rabbis; his paternal ancestors had provided rabbis to Trier since 1723, a post last held by his grandfather.[3]

A major question in this regard, is “who was behind Marx?” The book Der preußische Regierungsagent Karl Marx by Wolfgang Waldner, suggests that initially Marx worked as a police spy for the Prussian regime.
It must also be remembered that Marx was employed by Lord Palmerston and wrote his communist manifesto during his employment. Lord Palmerston was the chief instigator  of the Crimean war, the Taipei Rebellion, the American civil war and the various difficulties in India/Burma  totaling an estimated 35 million dead.[4]

Marx moved to London in 1849…While Marx was authoring Das Kapital in the British Museum reading room, his famous cousin Lionel de Rothschild, conveniently, was MP for the City of London (1847-1868 & 1869-1874).

The idea of Marx as a Rothschild shill…was raised as a concern by his contemporary rival in the First International, Mikhail Bakunin in 1869,who was not even aware of the fact that Marx and Rothschild were cousins. 

Bakunin wrote presciently:
“This world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.”
Mikhail Bakunin, Profession de foi d’un démocrate socialiste russe précédé d’une étude sur les juifs allemands, 1869.

“Karl Marx’s cousin, Dr. phil. Marx in Breslau, to
whom I owe the information about Marx’s family, provided me with a very
comprehensive collection, partially comprising legal decisions on the basis of
the Talmud, and partially comprising theological treatises composed by the
mentioned rabbis” (Adler 1887: 226n1)

Sources [1]Cohen, Levy Barent”. The Jewish Encyclopedia, Funk & Wagnalls, New York. [2]”Levi Barent Cohen” [3]Marx became a Fellow Archived 16 April 2018 at the Wayback Machine of the highly prestigious Royal Society of Arts, London, in 1862.[4]Karl Marx: Dictionary of National Biography. Volume 37. Oxford University Press.

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