The KGB has a history of planting disinfo to paint Germans and the West as “nazis”

An example of an “active measures” or disinformation campaign by the KGB would be its efforts in 1959 and later which had the goal of creating negative world opinion toward West Germany. The KGB campaign involved setting fire to synagogues and painting swastika signs in public places while making it seem like the West Germans were responsible.

They also used this swastika tactic in America, Oleg Kalugin recounted in his book “Spymaster” how the KGB paid Americans to paint swastikas on synagogues in New York and Washington. This tactic had the potential to inflame tensions in the US and give the Soviet-controlled press a negative story to tell Russians back home about their foe.

“Putin noted in his recent victory day speech that it isn’t just “radicals and international terrorist groups” who are a threat, but “surviving members of Nazi killing squads” who are trying to “rewrite history.”

“He signed a law in 2014 making distorting the country’s role in World War II a criminal offense, and last week legislators introduced a bill that would ban people from equating Soviet actions with Nazi behavior.”

Anyone who talks bad about Stalin or the Soviet atrocities during WW2 is a “killing squad” member to Putin.

This is obviously false, and identical to what communist groups like antifa say/think. They call anyone they don’t like nazis/fascist. Putin is using KGB tactics, there is no such thing as a “former” KGB agent

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